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326 Calories of holy amazingness! You must try this recipe if you want to enjoy pizza guilt free! The recipe is super simple and can be made with basic ingredients from your pantry. Ingredients: 1 Medium Tortilla – 160 Calories 1/4 Cup low calorie cheese – 105 Calories 1/2 Cup of crushed tomatoes – 20 […]

I’ve decided not to go food shopping until I use everything up in my pantry and refrigerator! So, I came up with an idea for tonight’s dinner. You are not going to believe how low in calories this meal is. All the flavours go well and the cucumber salad is perfect to eat on a […]

Tofu Taiwanese Gua Bao

July 21 , 2014 by Drishty - in Mains

Who doesn’t love street food?! Be it India, China, Brazil or Kenya –  I have been in love with street food from different countries and their local flavours. Gua Bao, however, is a street food dish from a place I always wanted to visit but haven’t had a chance to do so yet. I saw […]

When we were in Rio, we had a lovely BBQ one day with our hostel mates. Peter, this amazing guy we met from Australia basically took over the whole menu like a champ. Given he does this basically 9 months out of the year, we just followed his lead. Amongst a lot of BBQ’d meat […]

So we are back from Brazil, and boy are we need to eat some healthy food! After 12 days of carb overload, I was dying to get some healthy greens in. This couscous salad is very light and super delicious! It’s a perfect meal for summer nights – I am ending it fresh plums and […]


Bonjour, my name is Drishty Ghadia. I was born and raised in India, where in a Vegetarian household I developed my love for cooking spicy food. Then later on moving to and spending 10+ years in the US, I found myself dumbstruck and in love with the high sugar, high fructose corn syrup, high cholesterol - yet oh so addictive food. I mean have you ever gone through an entire menu of The Cheese Cake Factory?

In the past few years I have jumped countries yet again and now I live in the land of Fish and Chips and Yorkshire Pudding - the lovely UK. I love to travel and I believe that you have to taste a culture to understand it. Italian, Spanish, Chinese, French, Swiss, German, Moroccan, Japanese, Malaysian, Sri Lankan, Indian, Peruvian, South African, Kenyan, Middle Eastern - you name it, I've eaten it and tried to make some vegetarian fusion version of it in my kitchen.

Food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. I will be recreating some original and some fusion recipes from my travels in my kitchen and will share them with you here. Hope you enjoy them!

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