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I love smell and taste of smoky eggplant! Absolutely declicious and divine! Chinese eggplant in garlic sauce is such a beautiful dish that combines smoky eggplant with heat of chilies and sweet taste of carmalized garlic sauce. Its like a party in your mouth! Not to metion it’s less than 350 calories! Ingredients: 2 Cups […]

Continuing on my 300 Calorie meals, here is another very delicous healthy way of eating “pizza” with mexican flavors! You can make these with ingredients in your pantry and it will take you no more than 5-10 minutes to make this. It’s so simple and straight forward.   Ingredients: 1 Whole meal pitta bread (137 […]

Ruby Red Juice

May 18 , 2014 by Drishty - in Drinks

So, this delicious Ruby Red juice was my breakfast this morning. This refreshing juice is an excellent fat burner and also helps to regulate blood sugar levels, so it helps to control hunger. All all round weight loss juice drink! The ingredients contains digestive enzymes that help you to lose weight. It is best to […]

Tangerine Tea

May 12 , 2014 by Drishty - in Drinks

There is something about having a glass of cold, refreshing drink on a hot summer day. I am sure you can enjoy it even more knowing the drink is not only super healthy, but it is so good for you! Ingredients: 2 Cups of water 1 Bag of green tea 1 Tangerine (37 Calories) 1 […]


Bonjour, my name is Drishty Ghadia. I was born and raised in India, where in a Vegetarian household I developed my love for cooking spicy food. Then later on moving to and spending 10+ years in the US, I found myself dumbstruck and in love with the high sugar, high fructose corn syrup, high cholesterol - yet oh so addictive food. I mean have you ever gone through an entire menu of The Cheese Cake Factory?

In the past few years I have jumped countries yet again and now I live in the land of Fish and Chips and Yorkshire Pudding - the lovely UK. I love to travel and I believe that you have to taste a culture to understand it. Italian, Spanish, Chinese, French, Swiss, German, Moroccan, Japanese, Malaysian, Sri Lankan, Indian, Peruvian, South African, Kenyan, Middle Eastern - you name it, I've eaten it and tried to make some vegetarian fusion version of it in my kitchen.

Food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. I will be recreating some original and some fusion recipes from my travels in my kitchen and will share them with you here. Hope you enjoy them!

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